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Programs [Oct. 28th, 2004|04:14 pm]
Teen Library


I'm currently planning two theoretical teen programs. I say theoretical since I won't actually get to do them with teens. Anyway, the first is a graphic novel program that I'm planning with two classmates (coincidently the two I mentioned in the previous post). I'm finding it particularly frustrating to plan with others. The second is the one that I really want to discuss. I don't have a title for it - I need a title. Anyway, it's kind of a personal story program. I'm gonna have some kind of ice breaker and then tell a personal story about a road trip I took with a friend. Then play the game Life Stories for a bit and finally have supplies for people to create written versions of their own stories. I'm bind books, so I'm going to do a few simple pamphlet style blank books and provide glitter, etc. and a polaroid for embellishment.
Any suggestions?